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Monday, April 03, 2006

Ding Dong the van is FINALLY gone....

OK well almost. We are waiting for the green stuff to change hands, so to speak. We dropped the van off tonight 30 minutes before the place closed. They told us at 3:45PM that they wanted the van TONIGHT. Um...HELLO?!? I need to get a rental car first. The one place I did call the lady was a really big ... um ... yeah you know wicked witch sort. So I told her to forget it in a not so pleasant tone. We decided to just use the rental car company on Vogelweh. Brian told the lady at Sixt, the place at Vogelweh, the we wanted the cheapest 4 door they had. She gave us a Ford Fiesta and the thing only has 6,000 Km on it, which is less than 5,ooo miles. OH!! and did I mention the torrential down pour too?? Yeah We had to transfer Michelle, the car seat, and other stuff in to the rental. Let's just say said baby was not very happy about getting wet in the rain the two seconds she was in it covered up with a blanket.

As for the house we have had 4 different sets of people call the landlady, but only 2 have come to look at the house. There are few more people coming to look through out the week. Thankfully they are not coming until early afternoon. That works out for me and Michelle. We can get lunch out of the way and she's not super fussy or anything. I'm sure she has no clue what is going on but does notice a slight change in things.


Blogger Sally said...

I imagine she does notice a change! Humm, I hope you have the money for the van soon. I don't get them demanding to have the van before they have paid. I guess you sort of know where to find them though? I hope it all works out.

2:40 PM  

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